Historic St Andrews

For a small town, St Andrews has a rich and interesting history thanks to it’s long-standing associations with royalty, religion, academia and golf.  In the 21st Century visitors can enjoy atmospheric ruins, fascinating museum collections, and even a peek into the corner cafe where The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge are said to have met!

St Andrews Cathedral is one of the most prominent visitor attractions in the town.  A century of construction on Scotland’s largest ever church began in 1158, and it retained it’s status as the largest building in the country for over 700 years.  The Cathedral’s graveyard is full of headstones bearing the names of famous sons and daughters of St Andrews, and the steep climb up St Rule’s Tower is well worth the effort to take in the stunning view.

Another must-see for any history buff is St Andrews Castle.  Built and rebuilt a number of times since the late 12th Century, the castle has existed in roughly it’s present form since 1400, and has been a centre of religious power, political power, home to kings, and a notorious prison across the centuries.  The Castle Sands beach is an extra treat, accessed by an exciting clamber down the cliffs.  Sheltered and sandy, it features a tidal salt water swimming pool which makes a welcome change from the lapping North Sea on St Andrews’ other beaches.