Yoga Day Retreat

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Sample Program

11.00am - Welcome

11.30am - Seasonal Vara Yoga Workshop  

12.30pm - Mindful Immersion: Exploring the Season

2.00pm - Lunch - enjoy organically grown produce from the Rufflets' gardens 

3.30pm - Rest and Replenish - Vara Yin Yoga 

4.30pm - Closing Meditation

5.00pm - Time to Reflect over Tea and Treats


Mindful Immersion 

Mindfulness and meditative movement to connect to ourselves and the beautiful surroundings we are in. Arrive home to your body and connect to a deep sense of wellbeing.

Vara Yoga Asana Workshop 

A revitalising Vinyasa Flow class designed to nourish and nurture the body.  As we synchronise breath, movement and emotion, we connect mind and body bringing a sense of balance, clarity and confidence into our whole being.

Seasonal Vara Yoga Workshop : Yin and Yang

Taking the time to address how we find and feel balance in your body is a really worthwhile endeavour and can inform the way we transition from one season to the next.

In this workshop strong and dynamic poses and flows are used to energise the body and build focus (The Yang). These are then directly contrasted with soft, restorative postures (held for up to 5 minutes) to release tension stored in large muscle groups and work on the deeper connective tissues (the Yin). 

This unique sequence will take you through an interesting process, one which allows the body to experience some polarity - contrasting Yin with Yang. By doing so, we can journey a little deeper into how we recognise the sweet spot in our body and gain a sense of balance.

Rest and Replenish: Vara Yin Yoga

We will draw upon the principles of Yin Yoga to release tension throughout the whole body by targeting the connective tissue and the surrounding fascia that encases it. From here we will focus on finding new depth and deeper release in a restorative finishing sequence.


This rejuvenating experience is £95.00 per person.



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Lunch and bar served from 12pm daily

Afternoon Tea served between 2pm and 4.30pm daily 

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Dinner served between 6pm and 9pm daily