Organic Soil Manifesto

Earth really does matter

The quality of the soil we grow our food is a vital ingredient in determining the flavours of the produce. It also has the potential to remove climate changing gases from the atmosphere and is a vital, non-renewable resource for ecosystems everywhere.

Our good earth

The impact on our health

Today, and throughout history, we are what we eat, and what we eat comes from lands that are a shadow of their former selves. The declining nutrition in our food and chemical contamination of our fresh produce are two other closely related issues impacting our health.

Today's standard industrial agriculture model has seen the constant removal of soil minerals and a loss of two-thirds of the organic matter that helps store and deliver those needed minerals.

Too many chemicals

It is common sense to understand that every time we take a crop from a field, we remove a little of all 74 minerals that were originally present in those soils. We replace a handful of them, often in an unbalanced fashion, and we assault our soil life with an array of farm chemicals, many of which are proven biocides.

There is a heavy price to pay when we have bombed the microbe bridge between soil and plant. The plant suffers in that it has less access to the trace minerals that fuel immunity, and the animals and humans eating those plants are also compromised.

Missing nutrition

It has been suggested that the food we now consume contains just 20% of the nutrition found in the food consumed by our grandparents when they were children. The immune-compromised plant will always require more chemical intervention, and repeated studies have demonstrated the cumulative effect of chemical residues in our bodies.

We care

We at Rufflets passionately believe we need to play our part in restoring our soils to total health and encourage you to enjoy the combination of the sweet smell of healthy soil in our kitchen garden. The message to us is clear - Look after your soil, and it will look after you.

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