Save Rufus?

The management team would like to thank you for your interest in Rufus. It would appear our PR agency were wrong as 96% of people voted to save Rufus which is certainly conclusive.

Not only has Rufus been saved, he is going to be communicating with you regularly. We are developing a Blog, themed around Rufus. You will be able to ask Rufus questions, send in comments and Rufus will also keep you updated on significant developments at the hotel.

Lastly many thanks for the pictures of Rufus which were sent in from around the world. Enjoy them below.

Gallery - Rufus World Tour 2009

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About Rufus

Rufus the Bear Image

If you would like to ensure Rufus has a good home, you can purchase him online through Pay Pal. Rufus costs £15.00 including packaging and shipping.

Guest Comments:

"We received your e-mail regarding various breaks, etc. and were horrified to discover that the PR company feels Rufus is too old-fashioned. Seeing Rufus on your web-site was one reason we decided to try Rufflets." Alastair and Allison Dean, Canada

"I was horrified to hear that Rufus might go as a result of PR advice (what do they know?!?)! Rufus is one of the wonderful things about Rufflets that makes the hotel so unique and it would be extremely sad if Rufflets loses such touches in the interests of generic PR development. Rufus was the first gift my husband bought me the morning after our wedding - the reception of which was in Rufflets (and was fantastic). We would be very disappointed if Rufus is removed from Rufflets and may not be so keen to come back!" Lindsey Williamson

"Who are these PR people who want to be beastly to a much loved bear? They are the ones who require P45s. Rufus provides a charming welcome to guests on arrival, acts as a faithful friend throughout the stay and provides a good reason to return after departure. Please tell these unimaginative suits to take a hike. Their advice will lose you customers. Rufus never will.

"Rufus Rules OK!" Norman & Jenny Faulds

"Rufus is such a lovely touch and it just wouldn't be the same without him - please keep him!" Donalda Cowie, Fife

"We bought Rufus about 10 years ago - and he's still a favourite now - especially of our 18 month old toddler Sam!
Please don't get rid of him!" Jenny, Edinburgh

"If Rufus is no longer 'contemporary' then what hope is there for the rest of us? Teddy bears fit into any decor - especially Rufus who's the epitome of good taste and warmly welcomes guests to Rufflets. Say "NO" to the PR team and save Rufus! " Lesley Sangster, USA

"Rufus adds that cute thoughtful touch to a very sophisticated hotel and
service. Don't always trust what your PR tells you!" Lynn Wood

"Greetings from Northern California,

My husband and I have traveled widely and stayed at some of the finest hotels . The first night we walked into our room at Rufflets and saw Rufus tucked into our bed, we were utterly charmed! As you might imagine, we purchased another Rufus prior to our trek home to California. Today, that Rufus graces a shelf in our California Contemporary-style bedroom.

We vote for Rufus!" Alison and Peter Hess

"Please save Rufus. Your PR company are talking nonsense. He is an essential quirky element and very memorable part of our stay at Rufflets." Carol, Dunblane

"World Government Needs Bears!!!" Helen Exley

"I think you PR company are missing a trick; Rufus should be the centre of a PR Campaign." Nicola, Edinburgh

"Having Rufus guard your hotel room while you sleep makes Rufflets all the more relaxing! Without this wonderful bear to protect the guests, who knows what tragedy could befall them? Rufus has to stay, for safety's sake!"

Chris, Edinburgh

Get rid of Rufus? You must be joking. Rufus IS Rufflets. You don't need to get rid of Rufus, you want shot of your PR company! Gillian

Please don't listen to the P.R. people.Rufus is part of the charm of your wonderful hotel & please don't let them modernise you too much.We were overwhelmed by the "old-fashioned" service we received during our stay.It's rare nowadays & so makes you unique!

The Merchants, Aberdeen

Your PR team is doing a good job - obviously PR stands for Preserve Rufus! Having met this mischievous little bear last Hogmanay we look forward to meeting him again at the next.

Alison from Cumbria

Rufus is worth saving! He's much classier than the 'cat' on the bed at Chateau Yering near Melbourne (Oz) - especially as can't stand cats! Shall look forward to future visit - but not sure when.

Rosemary & Bill Jones

Leave Rufus alone…….I deal with masses of hotels in my job. I believe he is one of the most charming novelties I have ever come across in the thousands of bedrooms I have visited.

Sharon- Cupar